Big 4 RR Depot
Nbr 2371
This is a picture of Nbr. 2371 engine on the turntable at the Big 4 Yards in front of the Round House.  The yards were located where present day Pacific Press and Shear is now at 9th and Walnut.
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Big Four Railroad Yards, Mt. Carmel, IL
Big Four Railroad Yards.  The Yard Shop which is now Pacific Press and Shear is visible in the upper right of this picture.
The Big Four Railway Station - the way it used to be - located just East of Market Street in the "north end".  It has been converted to offices and is called - 
The Depot.
In the summer of 1953 there were two passenger trains which ran through Mount Carmel each day.  The New York Central Train Nbr 462, "The Egyptian",  left Harrisburg at 8:50 am northbound to Chicago.  The train made the following stops in Wabash County - Grayville, Cowling, Keensburg, Mt. Carmel, Patton and Allendale.  Train Nbr 462 arrived in Mt. Carmel at 10:40 am and left Mt. Carmel at 10:50 am. It arrived in Chicago (LaSalle Street Station) at 7:05 am the next morning.  You could return to Mt. Carmel on Train Nbr 463 which departed Chicago at 10:15 pm and arrived in Mt. Carmel at 6:45 am the next morning.  This information is found on Table No. 54 of the New York Central System Time Tables published April 26, 1953.
a railroad in Mount Carmel.
The New York Central - 
Big Four Railway System
Engine Nbr 2882 - Mt. Carmel, IL
Engine Nbr 2882 - Pure Power on the tracks in Mount Carmel, Illinois
This sign stands at the corner of Tenth and Market 
The Depot stands behind and to the East of the sign