Mount Carmel
"The Little City of Great Music"  -  How many of you remember when that was on the billboard signs as you entered town 
on Hwy 1 and Hwy 15?
This page was last updated on: January 8, 2018
Hadley's Cafe
Mount Carmel
The Little City of Great Music
Kroger Company
Cotner's Dept Store
Hirsch's Store
Woolworth Store
Index Notions
Underriner's Hardware

Tilton's Drug Store
Uptown Barber Shop
Uptown Theatre
Mac's Paint & Wallpaper
Walters Home Appliance
Hadley Drug Store
Cowling Company
Fifth Street
Alley Way
Fourth Street
Kingsbury Plumbing & Heating
Miller News Agency
Stanfield's "Of Course"
Chamber of Commerce

Hadley's Cafe
Hackler's Vogue
Model Clothing
Jimmies Liquor Store
Wilderman Brothers
Tombaugh Jewelry
Woods Dept Store
Security Bank
Alley Way

Third Street
Below is a "map" of Mount Carmel's Main Street during the early 50's.  Maybe you will see something here that will bring back a memory or two.  If you see that I have a store/shop out of place, leave a note in the message/guest book.  
Jack Nation's 
        Standard Service Station

Mel's Main Street Diner
Shell Service Station
Gordon's North End Drug
Bart's Barber Shop
Home Dairy
George's Shoe Service
American Theatre

Marathon Service Station
Tenth Street
Ninth Street
Dr Hartley/Dr Risley
Newman Grocery
Val-U Apparel
Dade's Ladies Apparel
John Roland Barber Shop
Deck Hill Battery

McAtee Standard Station
Mt. Carmel Public Utility
Spot Cafe
Goodyear Store

J. C. Penny
Joy Tavern
Style Shop
Deck Hill
Pontiac Dealership
Police & Fire Station
Unemployment Office

Stein Hardware
Wabash Savings & Loan
Kaericker's Shoe Repair
Wabash Electric
American Savings & Loan
Risley's Cleaners
Heater's Drug Store
Tanquery Shoe Store
Tanquery Jewelry
Rigg's Billards
Western Auto Store
Oldendorf's Music
Robert's Jewelry
Dorsch Men's Wear
Denton Rexall Drugs
One of our old hang-outs....Hadley's
Remember when the storefront  to the right of the alley was Denton's Rexall Drugs.  And when The Jimmy Durante Show was sponsored by Rexall.  Remember the announcer, Howard Petrie, signing off with - "Good health to all ... from Rexall"?
The old City Hall, Police Station & Fire Station at the corner of Third and Market.  It is now "long gone"

Cherry Street - America's Most Beautiful Street
 in the Fall
The Walnut Street Diner

Emmons Texaco at 7th & Market
Wabash General Hospital
               Early 50's