Posted March 2, 2006

Little Brick School, located on West 3rd Street in Mt. Carmel, may soon be 
coming down. 
The District 348 Board of Education approved, in separate motions Monday 
night, plans to demolish the building after selling all items it contains for surplus. 
Some items will be given to the Wabash County Historical Society. 
The school's bell, however, will be saved. 
Little Brick was, at one time, where the District 348 Board of Education met, and 
it housed the superintendent's office as well. 

Photo courtesy of Eddie Robinson
March 28, 2006
Little Brick School now history . . . . 
Little Brick School, which sits on West Third Street in Mt. Carmel, was 
approved for demolition by the District 348 Board of Education at board's 
February meeting. The school board was informed the building is in deteriorating condition, and that much of what is stored in it is of little, if any, value. 
Jeff Guisewite, Inc. was the contractor who Tuesday razed the old school. 
The school's bell was saved.