Hi Classmates, 

As I write this the temperature is 102 degrees in Mt Carmel and the heat 
index is 131 degrees. Kind of reminds me of the summer of 1936 for those 
of you who are old enough to remember that year. A few classmates braved 
the heat to attend our monthly breakfast at Twin Rivers Restaurant, 
including Norman Howell, Mel Vaughn, Kidd and Lynne Ann Harkleroad, 
Marilyn Miller Spruell, Chet Gray, Billy Phelps, and Barbara and Leo 

The main event was the celebration of Lynne Ann's birthday (I won't tell 
how old she is, but I think we're all about the same age and I will be 76 
later this year). Thanks to Norman for the artwork Lynne is holding in the 
photo. There was also another similar one that everyone present 
autographed. Marilyn had ordered a cake which was to be delivered at 9:30 
but never arrived, so we will have a belated birthday cake at the next 
meeting. Then Billy told his story of the day before leaving to go to 
work. The rest of us sat around for another hour or so and talked about 
the good old days when we were in Jr. High and High School and about our 
medical problems and doctors appointments. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 9th, at 9 AM at the Twin 
Rivers Restaurant. Hope it's a little cooler by then. Ron 

July 12, 2011 Breakfast at Three Rivers

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