An old bridge across the Wabash
The middle span and eastern-most span of what remained of the 1932 Wabash River Bridge dropped into the river after demolition crews exploded charges on the support portions. The explosions happened at 8:41 a.m. today (Wednesday - Feb 16, 2011). Traffic on the nearby new concrete Wabash River Bridge was halted a few moments before the explosions and resumed just a few seconds after the demolition. Salvage cranes will lift the bridge sections out of the river for continuing recycling and cleanup of the vintage structure. Wabash River level today is 4.91 ft. The final remaining span of the old bridge is scheduled for demolition on Feb. 28. Construction of the new bridge began in 2008 and the 20-span, 2,878-foot-long new bridge opened to traffic in December 2010.

The following photos were taken by Ron Rodgers.  
The old bayou bridge is gone, too
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Photo & info courtsey of The Republican-Register ... sent to me by Zev Pierson Whitson