The American Theatre....corner of 9th and Market....the summer we left Grade School, this is where we discovered what Saturday nights were all about.  This was where the "grown up" movies were shown.  Until now we had been dropped off by the folks at the Uptown Theatre to see Roy, Gene and Hoppy on Saturday night.  Once we were out of Grade School we became High School Students and on Saturday afternoon we would hitch-hike to town.   A little pinball at Mel's Diner and then  to the American Theatre.  Soon we had "dates" -  and if I may say so .... Mt. Carmel was home to the prettiest girls anywhere.
Playing at the American Theatre . . .
     Saturday, March 17, 1951
          Operation Pacific
               John Wayne & Patricia Neal

     Sunday, March 18, 1951
          The Groom Wore Spurs
               Ginger Rogers & Jack Carson

     Monday, March 19, 1951
          Sleepytime Gal
               Judy Canova

     Tuesday, March 20, 1951
          The Redhead and The Cowboy
               Glenn Ford & Rhonda Fleming

     Wednesday, March 21, 1951
          Highway 301
               Steve Cochran & Virginia Grey
     &  The Great Plane Robbery
               Tom Conway & Margaret Hamilton

     Thursday, March 22, 1951
          The Man Who Cheated Himself
               Lee J. Cobb & Jane Wyatt

     Friday, March 23, 1951
          Trail of the Rustlers
               Charles Starrett & Smiley Burnette

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