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Please leave us a note.  You don't have to be from Wabash County, we want to hear from everyone who visits.  Tell us about your selves, your memories, your family news, reunion dates - whatever.  Looking for an old friend?  Leave a note and he/she just might show up.  It has already happened more than once.
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                              WHAT IS YESTERDAY?

Yesterday is a secret room in your heart where you keep the memories of other years . . .

Here you cherish the laughter from another time.

Here you listen once again to the melodies of half-forgotten songs . . .

Here you keep the stardust left over from a thousand young dreams.

Yesterday . . .

It's a memory-box filled with the warmth of old friends, the ribbons from a few races won . . . and the leftover glow of long-gone loves . . .

Yesterdays are extra special days.

Tomorrow is a mystery . . .

Today is too much with us . . .

Yesterdays provide a warm and welcome memory of other and younger days . . .

Yesterdays are always happy . . . because only the good memories siphon through the filter of time.

Enjoy today . . . look forward to tomorrow . . . but never forget your yesterdays . . .

Because a world without yesterdays would be a very lonely place, indeed.                               .....copied.....
This page was last updated on: November 12, 2020
This Site is designed and maintained by
Phil Stallings
MCHS Class of '54
Friendsville, Illinois
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Memories, Messages, Etc.
"There Used To Be ..."  is all about yesterday
... and what used to be.
All about Wabash County ... Mt. Carmel ... Friendsville
Lick Prairie ... Lancaster ... Allendale ... Keensburg
all the villages and "crossroads" of Wabash County, Illinois
It's about the MCHS Class of 1954 ... and the other Classes
All about growing up in the Fifties.
-  Do  You  Remember -
Playing the Pinball Machine at Mel's Main Street Diner
Hangin' out at Frosty William's Drive-In
Evenings at The Shack, our "teen" hangout
Stealing a kiss in the American Theatre on Saturday night
Remember Saturday night "cowboy" shows at the Uptown 
Sneaking into the Carmel Drive-in Theatre in the car trunk
Football and Basketball games on Friday night
Dancing in the upstairs snack bar at the Swimming Pool
Cruisin' Main Street on Friday and Saturday night
Remember Saddle Shoes and D.A. Haircuts
Hi, my name is Phil Stallings, Mt. Carmel High School Class of '54, and I'm your host here at 
"There Used To Be . . ."
I hope you will find something on the website that will bring back a memory and a smile.

The Fifties actually began around 1948 and lasted until sometime around 1964.  The Fifties was more a state of mind than a time period.  Whether you grew up during the 50's or not, Wabash County, Illinois or somewhere else in the world, I think you will find some old familiar friends on these pages.

Okay, Gals ... get out that pink poodle hoop skirt ... you guys put a cuff in those Levi's
We'll all pile into the car ... it can be whatever you want it to be ... '49 Ford or '51 Chevy
Let's drag Main and get ...
 - - - Lost In The Fifties Tonight - - -
A trip down Main Street and the dusty back roads of yesterday in Mt. Carmel and Wabash County
A website dedicated to the memories and friends we made while growing up in the Forties and Fifties in Wabash County - Illinois